May 13 • 51M

Smoking Diary #18: College Kids Today

Your narrator opens up about her first experience as a professor, and what those students taught her about art, the "live" feature on the iPhone, and what is going on with a younger generation

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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
Journalistas Nancy Rommelmann and Sarah Hepola on what's burning through the culture right now. Flirtatious banter for serious times.
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by Sarah Hepola

Our class.

It’s 6:41pm on Friday, and we’re up against our “Smoking Diary” deadline. How appropriate! Today we talk college: What’s up with kids today? Are they more protected (because of parenting), or less protected (because of the Internet)? Why do they dig the Nineties so much? Your narrator has just wrapped her first semester as an adjunct, and she has thoughts. Names dropped: Joan Didion, David Foster Wallace, Maya Angelou, Melissa Febos, Third Eye Blind, Boston (the band), Stephen King. (And in case anyone’s worried, I have my students’ permission to write and talk about them.)

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