May 18 • 32M

72. Jon Ronson, a Femme Fatale for Nazis, and the Lens of Wonderment

The brilliant chronicler of our strange times talks about curiosity, culture wars, porn, and his new Audible podcast on a white supremacist turned FBI informant, "The Debutante"


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The writer/podcaster/documentarian Jon Ronson joins Nancy and Sarah, and they could not be more excited. Highlights include:

  • Jon compliments Sarah, Sarah swoons

  • The podcast inspired when Jon’s 11-year-old son asked if he knew PornHub

  • Jon’s pronunciation of porn (“pohhhhhn”) and the strange spectacle of adult entertainment, including two-camera orgies and bespoke porn

  • The sin of “both-sidesism”

  • The hardest story Jon ever had to report

  • Why Jon turned down Piers Morgan

  • Jon’s new Audible podcast “The Debutante” about the mystery of Carol Howe, who may or may not have been able to prevent the Oklahoma City bombing

  • Dial-A-Racist?

  • Informants get $25 a day??

  • “Things Fell Apart” season two on the way!

  • The problem with defining people by small slivers of their lives

  • A judge caught masturbating during trial and other untold stories

Go see Jon in London! He’ll be appearing at two events later this month, a May 24 “Things Fell Apart LIVE!” and a non-fiction writing workshop on the 28.


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