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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Podcast
128. Leigh Stein Has a Squeaky Clean Colon*

128. Leigh Stein Has a Squeaky Clean Colon*

The Instagram satirist and author of SELF-CARE on being exiled from the women's group she led, why she's trolling her followers, the MFA racket, and how she learned to cut the bullshit and laugh

Leigh Stein worked at Richual, a fast-rising women’s wellness company, when she was fired for posting about the company’s colon hydrotherapy requirement. *Actually, this did not happen to Leigh Stein, it happened to a character in her 2020 female empowerment satire SELF-CARE, which Stein has been promoting in a gonzo PR campaign on Instagram, delighting fans and confounding casual followers, who’d grown accustomed to her tart publishing advice (her official lane). 

Nancy and Sarah talk to Stein about the absurdities of wellness and modern feminism, the circular firing squad of women’s-only spaces, and whether MFAs make any sense (mostly no). Also covered:

  • “Does Mike Pesca know we think he’s cute?”

  • Leigh Stein, book crisis expert

  • A famous writer (among others) falls for Leigh’s Instagram satire

  • Why TikTok/IG videos get filmed in cars

  • Women Full of Binders / Binders Full of Women / Full Binders of Women What?

  • That time Sarah ruined Leigh’s life

  • Save the world every time you take a bubble bath!

  • When Leigh’s husband wouldn’t call himself a feminist

  • Woke Leigh delves on why feminism and social justice mattered so deeply

  • The MFA racket

  • What today’s cancel mobs have in common with Renaissance poisoner Lucrezia Borgia

  • Leigh wrote a poem for Lip Smackers magazine

  • Nancy wrote an ode to peanut butter

  • Sarah is sexting with the Fletcher’s corny dog account

  • “We get these mixed messages, like, we should help each other; do it for the sisterhood; are you lifting up other women? If not, you’re a bad woman. And then you do that and everyone destroys you.”

Plus, a poetry tempest in a teapot, the times when Sarah vacuums in a wig, why women don’t want to be objectified (until they do), and much more!

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Want to meet your heroes the second-best host of this podcast AND Mike Pesca in person? If you’re in NYC this Thursday, you can! Details after the break.

Gratuitous hot pic of Nancy that Sarah found while recording:

And she calls herself the “second-best co-host?” Ha-cha-cha — Sarah, the second-tallest co-host, which also means the shortest


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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Podcast
Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Podcast
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