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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Podcast
138. Coleman Hughes and The View of a Better Racial Future

138. Coleman Hughes and The View of a Better Racial Future

"The End of Race Politics" author on campus protests, his viral "View" appearance, and staying calm and fair. "Hypocrites deserve free speech, too, but they should also be called hypocrites."

Coleman Hughes was still an undergrad at Columbia in 2018 when the Quillette contributor landed a high-profile appearance on Sam Harris’ podcast. Since then, his own podcast Conversations with Coleman — along with his writing on race, tribal politics, and free expression — have made him one of the country’s most important commentators. He’s also a very talented musician and rapper and, as of this year, an author, with a new book called The End of Race Politics. He recently appeared on The View to promote that book, and the result was a viral clip that demonstrated the barbed agenda of co-host Sunny Hostin and the calm, rational demeanor of Hughes. His is the kind of grace in the face of unreason that could actually save the planet.

Also discussed:

  • So how are things at Columbia University these days?

  • Did you know if you read the word “SHAME” 1000 times in a row, it changes minds?

  • What does “Zionism” mean?

  • Suddenly discovering the virtues of unbridled free speech on campus the moment you want to denounce Israel

  • Neo-racism and its cultural moment

  • “Lynching is the natural state” of humanity, but we create necessary edifices to control our baser instincts

  • If the DEI bureacratics didn’t show up to work, would anyone notice?

  • What is a “conservative,” anyway?

  • How Coleman maintains his super-power

  • Fighting words: “John Wick sucks”

  • The Cat Rapper, the C-A-T Rapper, people there is a CAT RAPPER

Plus why Benny Morris is such a good ambassador for Israeli history, meditation app recs, and can Coleman finally solve Nancy and Sarah’s Knives Out: Glass Onion debate?

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Spot the five podcasters! Photo by Nancy, Carmel Market, Tel Aviv, November 2022


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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Podcast
Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em Podcast
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