Jan 26 • 1HR 7M

55. Would You Tell Your Friend She's Fat?

We debate a viral essay on weight gain, along with the complications of attraction, Ozempic, and finding comfort in your own skin. In the bonus: Stockard Channing takes revenge, "Cougars" vs. "MILFs"

Journalistas Nancy Rommelmann and Sarah Hepola on what's burning through the culture right now. Flirtatious banter for serious times.
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We discuss a viral advice column titled “You Fat-Shamed Your Beautiful Girlfriend.” It begins with a letter from someone wrestling over how to handle a partner’s weight gain. The advice giver’s clap-back (“If your girlfriend wrote into this column with this story, I would tell her she should break up with you”) prompts an antic conversation about fat, shame, sexual desire, pharmaceutical interventions like Ozempic, integrity, and the long relationship we have with our own bodies.

Also: Update on a Twitter spat, more philosophical musings on sex with a dead chicken (of course), and we share a dissenting opinion from a listener (and mother) on last week’s episode about “All Gas No Brakes” host Andrew Callaghan, accused of being a “sexual pest.” Sarah points out she’s not here to talk about how things should be, but how they are. Nancy knows you can never protect your kids enough, from the tiniest mean glance to a plane crash. What you can do, she argues, is to teach them good survival skills and tell them it’s absolutely fine to say no.

In the bonus episode: MILF Manor may be a sign of cultural collapse, but the second episode sure was fascinating! We revisit a 1980 Stockard Channing movie about an “ugly ducking” who transforms into a hottie with a mind for revenge. Nancy gets hooked on an Israeli television show, and Sarah rediscovers the brilliance of a 1994 movie along with the hotness of Ralph Fiennes.

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