May 21 • 20M

Pie Talk #14: Coffee

Wherein I tell you how to make and drink better coffee every day

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Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em
Journalistas Nancy Rommelmann and Sarah Hepola on what's burning through the culture right now. Flirtatious banter for serious times.
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Good morning pie talk listeners! I am coming to you from this little bridge. Behind me is the living barn/studio in the midst of a mini-renovation, in front is a very small island where each season a pair of geese lay their eggs and a stream alive with frogs and turtles. All around are birds a-tweeting, birds we are able to ID with a very cool app called Merlin Bird ID, which is right now picking up a Northern Cardinal, a Barn Swallow, a European Starling, an Eastern Towhee, a Baltimore Oriole, a Chipping Sparrow, and a House Wren.

Let’s talk coffee, which I know a fair bit about, as my husband Din Johnson founded and ran a coffee roasting company for fifteen years…

That story on the audio, but first! Let’s roll the videotape…


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