Jan 29 • 25M

Smoking Diaries #5: Analog in a Digital World

Our narrator takes a trip to Los Angeles and discovers how behind-the-times she is: Wrong phone adapter, GPS fail, and how the hell do you order at Dunkin' Donuts?

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Journalistas Nancy Rommelmann and Sarah Hepola on what's burning through the culture right now. Flirtatious banter for serious times.
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by Sarah Hepola

I ordered a cheeseburger at the place known for pastrami. #contrarian

Your roving correspondent is in Los Angeles this week, staying with a friend in Pasadena. This disruption in our usual routine led to a few wild goose chases, including a search for an electrical outlet at McDonald’s and Del Taco (no dice), a visit to a local coffee shop that turned out to be a DryBar, and a very confounding trip to a Dunkin’ Donuts at 6:15am. On the way, we discuss trash cans on fire, the trash-can-on-fire that is the journalism industry, working for Uber Eats, and the new AP style guidance on person-first language. Trust me, it’s an adventure.

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